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The address is No. 6 Lugong Rd. Lukang Zhen, Changhua County, Taiwan, R.O.C. The Health Care Center Park is inside the Changbin Industrial Park, which is 3,643 hectares.

Changbin Industrial Park is the biggest Industrial Park inside Taiwan. It is divided into three main areas. They are Lukang Area, Lunwei Area, and Xianxi Area. The mainly functions of this Industrial Park are for production, development, habitation, and leisure. And the officially permitted usages of the land had been mapped out as for business, community, education, port, public utilities, and esplanade.

¡DTraffic Route¡G
From Free Way 1- Chang Bin Show Chwan Health Park¡GExit from ChangHua Junction towards LuKang ¡]ChangLU Rd.¡^, approximately 20 minutes.

From Taichung airport, Taichung- Chang Bin Show Chwan Health Park¡GTake West Coastal Expressway¡]61¡^, exit from ChangBin Junction¡]200 meters from the health park¡^.

From Nantou- Chang Bin Show Chwan Health Park¡GTake Free Way 3 via PaGua Mount. Tunnel and Expressway 76. Approximately 30 minutes.


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Morning : 08:30 ~ 12:00¡C(Please register before 11:45)
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Evening : 18:00 ~ 21:00¡C(Please register before 20:45)
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